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As fish is a perishable food, the issue of cold is especially acute at the very stage of catching. In order to slow down the life of the caught fish as much as possible, artificial cold sources must be present in all cycles.

The process of fish processing begins at sea, on special vessels-factories for catching fish, where the catch is subjected to rapid cooling and subsequent freezing.

Frozen products from such “sea factories” arrive at onshore processing plants and/or distribution terminals. There is a cooling process followed by storage of frozen fish.

Contact freezing in plate freezers is most often used at fish processing enterprises. Such freezing is characterized by speed of processes, large volumes of production and a convenient form of finished goods (frozen briquettes) for storage and/or

Ice coolers (scaly ice), cooling chambers and freezing of finished products are successfully used for cooling fish.

Example of a project.

Cooling systems for processing and storage of berry products.

Project example

of a cooling system for berry products processing and storage

    Comprehensive solutions for refrigeration systems for fish processing enterprises.

    We offer comprehensive calculation, design, supply and installation of systems for cooling, freezing and storage of fish, maintaining the microclimate in the premises using innovative and energy-efficient technologies.

    Our experts will help you evaluate different types of refrigeration systems, select the most efficient and cost-effective technical solution that will meet your long-term maintenance requirements and budgets. We provide a warranty on the equipment from the manufacturer and the work performed.

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