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An important step in planning a retail space is the design, selection and configuration of refrigerated display cases, cabinets, freezers, etc. High-quality execution of refrigeration system projects is the key to successful operation and
functioning of equipment, and errors at the planning stage lead to additional and inappropriate costs.

Refrigeration equipment for retail chains can be divided into retail, warehouse and production.

Retail equipment comes with a built-in and remote refrigeration unit. Built-in equipment is recommended for retail space up to 300 square meters. Remote cooling is used for large supermarkets and hypermarkets, where a large number of refrigeration equipment is installed and there is direct access to engineering service lines.

To solve such challenges, we use the latest energy-saving technologies, units in a housing with noise insulation with frequency converters for variable performance, low-noise condensers (when necessary, if there are residential buildings nearby).

The following refrigeration equipment is used to equip retail, warehouse and production facilities in the retail industry:

  • refrigerators and freezers;
  • freezers;
  • shock freezing chambers;
  • cooling and freezing showcases and regals;
  • cooling and freezing bonnets;
  • demonstration refrigerators;
  • freezers;
  • chambers for maturing cheese or meat;
  • wine cabinets;
  • fermentation cabinets and tables.

Example of a project.

Cooling systems for processing and storage of berry products.

Project example

of a cooling system for berry products processing and storage

    Comprehensive solutions for refrigeration systems for retail

    We offer individual design and calculation of equipment. Our experts will help you evaluate different types of refrigeration systems, select the most efficient and cost-effective technical solution that will meet your long-term maintenance
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    We provide a guarantee for the equipment from themanufacturer and the work performed.

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