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To extend the life of fresh berries, it is necessary to keep it as long as possible with the retention of taste, appearance and maximum content of useful properties, to protect against rot. An atmospheric composition control system and a gaseous environment adjustment are used to control and maintain ultra-low oxygen content on an industrial scale.

The shelf life of berries depends on the type and quality of berries, climatic conditions, soil, harvest time. Berries that can be stored in the ULO: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries, blueberries. Each species and variety of berries has its own parameters of temperature and gas ratio.

Even at the stage of designing a warehouse for berries you need to carefully approach the choice of equipment, because the equipment must be carried out in accordance with the necessary parameters of the leakproofness of the room, storage volume, technology and type of cooling, time of implementation. All machines and devices are selected individually, taking into account all the above-mentioned parameters.

In “turnkey” warehouses, the optimum mode of temperature and humidity is created:

  • relative humidity — in the range of 90-95%;
  • temperature from -0.5 ° C to +6 ° C (depending on the variety).
  • automatic measurement and regulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.
  • control of leakproofness of pallets.

The main types of equipment are the following:

  • refrigeration equipment and machines;
  • monitoring and dispatching system;
  • airtight chambers;
  • doors of refrigerating chambers;
  • condensers.

Example of a project.

Cooling systems for processing and storage of berry products.

Project example

of a cooling system for berry products processing and storage

    We are competent in all the intricacies of berry storage, so all stages of engineering are carried out in accordance with technological requirements. Full “turnkey” construction cycle.

    Our experts will help you evaluate different types of refrigeration systems, select the most efficient and cost-effective technical solution that will meet your long-term maintenance requirements and budgets. We provide a warranty on the equipment from the manufacturer and the work performed.

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