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Successful storage of fruits and vegetables is one of the powerful factors in the success of business.

Given the growing quality of products every year, and increasing domestic and export demand, the role and importance of modern industrial vegetable warehouses is growing rapidly. Long-term storage of vegetables requires a heat-insulated room equipped with ventilation, cooling, humidification systems, as well as remote monitoring and management of a warehouse.

The design and equipment of a vegetable warehouse depends on the type and size, volume and type of products, geography and climatic conditions, location of the object, storage period. Each crop has its own individual requirements and parameters for storage. To date, there are two main types of vegetable storage:

  1. In bulk
  2. In containers.

At the design stage, it is important to determine what exactly you plan to store — potatoes, onions, garlic, beets, carrots, cabbage.

The main parameters for quality storage of vegetables are properly calculated ventilation in combination with air conditioning equipment and cooling system, which affects energy savings by 20-30% and significantly reduces crop losses.

The following equipment is used to equip vegetable warehouses:

  • refrigeration equipment,
  • ventilation systems,
  • drying systems,
  • humidification systems,
  • storage management system.

Criteria for properly selected refrigeration equipment for vegetable storage:

  • rapid cooling;
  • maintenance of the set storage temperature;
  • ensuring the level of humidity;
  • uniform distribution of air throughout the chamber;
  • accurate calculation of air exchange.

Mistakes and unjustified savings in the design, construction and selection of equipment can be critical, as a result of which crop losses can exceed the cost of the investment itself.

Example of a project.

Cooling systems for processing and storage of berry products.

Project example

of a cooling system for berry products processing and storage

    Comprehensive solutions for construction and equipment of
    vegetable warehouses.

    We are competent in all the intricacies of vegetable storage, so all stages of engineering are carried out in accordance with technological requirements. Full “turnkey” construction cycle. Warranty on works and equipment.

    Our experts will help you evaluate different types of refrigeration systems, select the most efficient and cost-effective technical solution that will meet your long-term maintenance requirements and budgets. We provide a warranty on the equipment from the manufacturer and the work performed.

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